Five More Great Movie-Themed Slots

Video slots are a popular draw for virtual casinos. They are fun, engaging, and are the closest comparison to video games. Video slots also have the benefit of using recognizable themes. Plough through the catalogue of any online gaming house and you will find many slots attached to popular movies. These movies can range from blockbuster titles like the Avengers to popular rom-com like Pretty Woman. The slots are developed by top-line companies and suit players of all types. They are colourful and engaging enough to merit a visit from recreational players but contain the necessary whiz-bangs to attract the discerning gambler. Here is a look at a few that are currently available.


Harkening back to the classic Robin Williams adventure film, Jumanji is a lovely little jaunt through a mystical board game. Instead of dice, however, players get to use five reels and 36 pay lines. The backdrop of the grid is set in the living room of the Parrish house. The floor has been replaced with the Jumanji game board with the reels filling up the middle of that board. The game is distinct because it combines the elements of a board game with the fast pace of slots. It also has 10 different movie-themed features to help players. Jumanji has a terrific soundtrack paired with lively visuals. It captures all the magic from the movie and successfully adds a slot machine spin. The game also has an RTP of 96.3% The first bonus is Sticky Vines. The winning symbols of a match, as well as contributing wilds, become stuck in place as the rest of the reels spin. Monsoon Wilds cover entire reels in wild symbols. Monkey Mayhem gives the board over to the troublesome apes from the film. They will rearrange the symbols to form winning patterns. Triggering the Board Game feature takes you to an actual board game. You roll dice and move tokens to gain access to four different kinds of free spins. Finally, there is the Mystery Feature. When triggered it will activate Jumanji’s mysterious circle. Just as in the move whatever the circle says will happen. In this case, we are talking free spins and multipliers, not life-threatening jungle shenanigans.

Planet of the Apes

Once again NetEnt takes the screen with a film-adaptation of Planet of the Apes. This one is worth mentioning because it features two movies: Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It can do this by featuring 10 reels and 40 pay lines. The slotter has an opening video which is very enticing. Combined with its lush graphics the machine boasts an eye-catching quality. It backs up the visuals with addictive gameplay. The two-reel sets sit on an apocalyptic backdrop. Each has its own set of special symbols referencing the two films. Players can win payouts on either one or both of the grids. If combos are made on both the payout goes up. Standard suit symbols to fill the rest of the space with the apes serving as scatter symbols. Features include stacked wilds, free spin feature, multipliers, extra wilds, and the rise bonus. Landing bonus features in different grids bear different payouts. So if you activate free spins in Rise it pays 10 free spins, but landing the same feature in Dawn pays 15.

Terminator 2

T2 is one of the best sequels ever made and it turns out it also makes a great slot machine. Microgaming’s rendition allows players to see through the eyes of a T800 as it tracks down its targets Termination here means a nice payout. The grid is 5×3 and features standard suit characters intermixed with character symbols from the film. Microgaming tricks the machine out with a whopping total of 243 pay lines. The game has wilds, scatters, free spins, and an expanding row. Microgaming does not stop there. T2 has three unique features: cutscenes, expanding reels, and T-800 vision. Whenever a player triggers a Big Win or Mega Win a small movie scene will play out. The game contains different scenes. The one you see is dependent on what character symbols gave you the win. Expanding reels happen when a special trigger places an additional row on top of the grid. Paylines expand to 1024 and the T-800 wild symbol gains the ability to morph into other character symbols. Finally, there is a T-800 vision. When this is triggered the whole screen turns neon red. It is easily triggered and pays out cash prizes. It also looks cool as you gain the ability to see through the eyes of the Terminator.

The Hangover

IGT invites you to party hard and not remember a thing with their slot version of the popular comedy the Hangover. The 5×4 grid features traditional suit symbols and featured character symbols. This slot machine has tons to do. It is loaded with special features but the most unique thing is its progressive system. The Hangover has four progressives that tie to the four central characters of the film. So pursuing each character will eventually lead players to a variety of jackpots. This slotter has playback value. The Hangover spikes its base game with a tone of special feature drugs. It has wilds, scatters, and multipliers but the bonuses are what is worth talking about. Each bonus takes the player to a fun little mini-game. There are almost too many to name. So here they are in list format. -Wedding Chapel Bonus – Open wrapped boxes to find two matching items. -Stun Gun Bonus – Gain credits by holding the stun gun button. -Mr. Chow’s Freaky Free Games – Use free spins and sticky wilds to collect seven poker chips. -Deal in the Desert – Collect the seven chips and choose from a line-up of bag hooded men to find the real Doug. -Pick a Photo – Find matches amidst 18 Polaroid pictures. -Villa Bonus – Find hidden prizes in your hotel room. -Alan’s Progressive – Choose one of six satchels to get the jackpot. -Stu’s Progressive – Pick teeth to find the jackpot. -Phil’s Progressive – Choose a hospital bracelet to find the jackpot. -Doug’s Progressive – Select a casino chip to find the jackpot.


Jump into the ring with Playtech’s take on the Rocky franchise. The slotter has players don gloves to duke it out with the Italian Stallion’s many opponents. It is a five-reel slotter with 25 pay lines. It also has wilds, scatters, free spins, bonus rounds, and multipliers. The game looks fantastic with a robust soundtrack. The idea is to work up to activating the bonus game and taking on one of Rocky’s rivals. Beat Drago, Creed, Clubber Lang, or that kid from Rocky 5 no one remembers to win cash prizes. Every defeat brings a nice player a nice purse. Free spins are a given out for stacking wilds. Rocky, of course, is the wild symbol. What players want to do is land the bonus symbols on reels one and five. Then the bonus round begins and you can select your opponent.