The Most Popular Casino Games in New Zealand

The Five Most Popular Casino Games and Some Helpful Facts To Get You Through

Online casino options are abundant in New Zealand. That is why New Zealanders want to know which online game options are a “sure thing”. To be clear, there is no such thing as a “sure thing”. There are, however, some very popular choices that New Zealander’s gravitate more towards than any other selections.


We have several fun and interesting facts about Roulette players should know about.

1) The original wheel had 2 zeros. European Roulette(by today’s standards) has only one zero. The two zero ideas had been adopted through a German owner. You can also read about it in the book, La Roulette ou le Jour. It is a 1796 book, so I do not know if it was still available. The book gives you an idea of what originally happened. The German owner wanted to give players a better shot at winning. He adopted the two zero ideas and it traveled from Paris to Las Vegas. You will probably recognize the concept in American Roulette, as well as European Roulette.

2) You can change the house edge. Most of the time, the house edge stays the same. However, there are bets that you can make to tweak the odds in your favor. The two bets that can change the course(of the game) are La Partage and En Prison.

2) Did you know that Roukette is sometimes called, “The Devil’s Game”? The reason is that the numbers display 3 6’s.

3) You need to know about the betting systems. A lot of players try to outsmart the system. They believe that there are proven results that reinforce hr idea. To be clear, there is no proven way to outsmart the system. There is something called, “Roulette For Fun”. It is a free source to use online. You can download and start playing. It will show you proof that there is no proven way to outsmart the system or the house edge.


Do you want to play some slots in New Zealand? Here are some fun and interesting facts you should know.

1) We speak a lot about strategies and tricks to win at the slots. Yes, some of the tips and tricks do work to your advantage. However, there is no such thing as a “sure thing” in slots. There is no proven way to beat the system and win big. The reason is due to the Random House Generator. The generator works as a random tool. One minute you will win a lot of money. The next minute you will lose some of it. The only way you can win(successfully) is through luck and good money-managing skills. Managing your bankroll is a crucial part of the so-called “winning” process.

2) Did you know that even if you are not using one of the online slot machines, the machines are still in use? The reason is due to the Random House Generator tool. The generator works to keep things fair and real. The only way to do that is to keep generating codes every second. That means the machines do not shut down when you are not playing. This is another protocol that the slot machine system uses to make sure players do not cheat.

3) You will(for the most part) always walk away as a winner. You may not win a lot of money, but you can win something. All you have to do is play safe and use secure actions. You also have to use a strategy that works for you.


1) Play Bingo when there are not as many players online. Here is the deal, the prize money is not going to go up or down(any time soon). It will be the same amount for whoever wins the cash prize. The goal is to play when your competition is low.

2) You should know what prizes are up for grabs before you start. You might be missing out on something without knowing it. You should also know what cash prizes are at stake. That way you can strategize based on what you want to win.

3) Bingo is one of the few games where being a social creature is encouraged. You can still win big and strike up a new friendship with the girl sitting next to you.


1) Strategize before you hit the Poker table. Figure out how high you want your stakes to be. The last thing you want is to play a high stakes game when your soul is geared more toward a low-stakes atmosphere.

2) Play within your money limit. I know it tends to get exciting, but you have to calm down and play wisely.

3) Practice patience. It can get pretty intense, but you cannot get reactive. You need to pay attention to what is going on around you. Payless attention to the small distractions coming in every direction.


1) Keeping looking at the banker until it closes down.

2) Bacarrat is a game set in chance and skill(so they say). This is apparently wrong, according to some experts. Bacarrat is purely a game of luck and chance. There is no skill involved with it. That can make it dangerous for some players. The reason is the house has a very thin edge(we are talking very thin). Players can also win a lot of money(we are talking a lot of cash depending on the game). You also have to be prepared to lose as much as you might win. That is why we encourage you to play safe and plan. Do not walk into Bacarrat blindly.