Hello and welcome! This is Tropfest, a fresh new online space where we discuss cinema and gambling. That’s right! Our team of writers combines these two very interesting topics to bring you Tropfest’s selection of the 10 best gambling movies of all time.

The best gambling movies ever made

Fittingly, the motto for our blog is the best gambling movies ever made. We have planned a special series of four articles, in which we will gradually present you our picks of the top 10 gambling movies the cinematic world has ever given us.

Our team is based in New Zealand. All of us are a big cinema and gambling enthusiasts. What better than combining our two fields of interest and coming up with our very own project?

Our selection is exciting and varied. It includes movies that tackle the most different gambling-related topics, from addiction to heists.

Tropfest’s list spans 45 years, from 1961 to 2006. Regardless of the year of release, all 10 movies have achieved legendary classic status.

Some are raw and heartbreaking, while others are fun and action-packed. One thing is certain: you will never feel bored if you decide to go and watch each one of our suggestions. Each movie brings you a whole different experience.

Besides our blog, Tropfest is also organizing a very special gambling movie festival that will take place this year. Head over to our tickets page to learn more about the event and how to attend.