Great Slot Games Based on TV Shows

tv slot machines 860x280 - Great Slot Games Based on TV Shows

The average New Zealander watches about two hours of TV daily. Therefore, Kiwis can benefit from this time by engaging in TV themed games that take the TV slot machine to a whole new level. TV-themed games operate on the basis that companies that hold TV rights license out rights to developers who create machines based on the shows. For the show lovers, these games are attractive to the extent that they include characters, plots, scenes, and props conversant to them. Instead of spending the two hours in front of a TV program, it would be advantageous to enjoy both the program and gaming in the same epoch. Our favorite TV-themed games include Game of Thrones, The Flintstones, The Simpsons, and Big bang theory.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular games in existence. The show came to an end with season eight, in which more than 17 million audiences are reported to have watched. The shows were interesting, and so it is expected for the game. The two are related in the sense that they share some of the scenes. For those taking their chances on a grand finale other than that of season eight, then such persons can quench their gratification with playing the game of thrones. The game is usually referred to as Game of Thrones 243 Ways. Microgaming developed it. Incorporating the TV show into the machine was one of the best things Microgaming ever endeavored. It involves emulation of the details of the environment, including the logo, house, and colors. It also constitutes house sigils, which gives one option of spins and multipliers. Some of the available options include Baratheon, Lannister, Stark, and Targaryen. One of the prevailing advantages is that you can trigger additional bonus games upon receiving three scatter symbols in a spin. The houses are significant when it comes to winning as one can win up to $121 000. The game also provides one with a gamble feature where you can select either the head or tail, enabling one to double their win. It is worth noting that losing the head or tail attempt would make you lose all the cumulative winnings to that point; either way, win or lose makes the thrones’ game impressive.

slotmachines - Great Slot Games Based on TV Shows


Some Flintstones exist on online platforms and offline modes. Playtech offers a machine that can be used for online gamers which has the offer of being played for free on the Playtech. The game is imbued with numerous features that make the online game enjoyable even though it does not offer a platform for winning money. Some of the exciting features include Bedrock Bowling Bonus, Free Games, and Rocky Ride. When using the bowling balls, one is supposed to pick on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th reels, then a shot on the spin is taken. Concerning the free games, one is supposed to select on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th on the game. One should also choose the bonus mode among Dino Multiplier, The Great Gazoo, and Wilma Wild. In regards to the Flintstones Rocky Ride, it is a fortune wheel that is triggered randomly. It constitutes of two wheels spinning at the top of the reels. One takes the place of a mystery symbol while the other is a multiplier. A player can combine the symbols one gets during a spin and attain a significant win. The ideal situation is that the machine is interesting.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons game resonates with anyone who has watched the TV show ‘The Simpsons’. The Simpsons game is rarely found in online platforms, and it is mostly found in Las Vegas. One of the most interesting parts about the game is that it allows two people to bet against each other instead of utilizing two separate machines. It provides a couple with an opportunity to enjoy moments together instead of being contrived to split for hours. The game is also imbued with bonus rounds and captivating features, which make the game even more interesting. Some of the features that one can trigger when playing the Simpsons game include scatter, Monorail Madness, Pranks a Lot, and Wiggum-a-Roll. All that one needs to do in a scatter mode is to select any character in one of the four corners and trigger a re-spin. The game operates on the aspect of the more characters of choice one gets, the more the money they amass. The feature stops once the character symbol is over.

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory was a famous TV show that has previously created various programs. The Big Bang slot machines take assumes the show’s characters, which makes the device more fun to play for those who have already watched the TV show. The game includes jokes behind the symbols, a video game controller, and a book. It also comprises bonus rounds, consisting of the Cooper Roommate Agreement, the Large Hofstadter Collision, and Howard’s Mystic Warlords of Ka’a. One playing the Cooper Roommate Agreement, one gets eight free spins, which each spin represents 42 isolated chances of winning in the game. The Howard’s Mystic Warlords of Ka’a is a bonus game where one picks a hero card and decides their multiplier. The Large Hofstadter Collision is free to play the game with significant multipliers. A combination of spins and multipliers derived from the mode can enable one to win the game.

The above games are derived from top-rated TV shows. The fact that they were derived from a TV show makes fans resonate with them as familiarity with characters attracts the game even more. Although some of the games are available online while others are not, it is worth noting some allow one to play them for fun. The aspect of playing for fun plus their linkage with the TV shows make them attractive to persons who have previously watched the tv shows mentioned above. Chances are high that those that have watched a TV show such as a game of thrones are likely to be enticed of its game machine, similarly to other machines. The idea of deriving gaming machines from TV shows extends watchers’ experience by providing them with a familiarity of characters and scenes. It is also worth noting that one can benefit from playing machines that offer financial winnings. Concerning the others that do not provide any financial help, the games are equally important in the sense that they satisfy one by quenching their gratification of exploring games based on characters they are familiar with. The aspect of imitating TV shows in gaming machines is essential and should be more frequent because it enables TV show fans to follow up with their most favorite characters after the shows are over. According to TV shows, coding games also ensure that characters live on in their fans’ memories long after the show is over and allows such fans to earn money out of a display of their choice.

Five More Great Movie-Themed Slots

jumaniji 860x280 - Five More Great Movie-Themed Slots

Video slots are a popular draw for virtual casinos. They are fun, engaging, and are the closest comparison to video games. Video slots also have the benefit of using recognizable themes. Plough through the catalogue of any online gaming house and you will find many slots attached to popular movies. These movies can range from blockbuster titles like the Avengers to popular rom-com like Pretty Woman. The slots are developed by top-line companies and suit players of all types. They are colourful and engaging enough to merit a visit from recreational players but contain the necessary whiz-bangs to attract the discerning gambler. Here is a look at a few that are currently available.


Harkening back to the classic Robin Williams adventure film, Jumanji is a lovely little jaunt through a mystical board game. Instead of dice, however, players get to use five reels and 36 pay lines. The backdrop of the grid is set in the living room of the Parrish house. The floor has been replaced with the Jumanji game board with the reels filling up the middle of that board. The game is distinct because it combines the elements of a board game with the fast pace of slots. It also has 10 different movie-themed features to help players. Jumanji has a terrific soundtrack paired with lively visuals. It captures all the magic from the movie and successfully adds a slot machine spin. The game also has an RTP of 96.3% The first bonus is Sticky Vines. The winning symbols of a match, as well as contributing wilds, become stuck in place as the rest of the reels spin. Monsoon Wilds cover entire reels in wild symbols. Monkey Mayhem gives the board over to the troublesome apes from the film. They will rearrange the symbols to form winning patterns. Triggering the Board Game feature takes you to an actual board game. You roll dice and move tokens to gain access to four different kinds of free spins. Finally, there is the Mystery Feature. When triggered it will activate Jumanji’s mysterious circle. Just as in the move whatever the circle says will happen. In this case, we are talking free spins and multipliers, not life-threatening jungle shenanigans.

Planet of the Apes

Once again NetEnt takes the screen with a film-adaptation of Planet of the Apes. This one is worth mentioning because it features two movies: Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It can do this by featuring 10 reels and 40 pay lines. The slotter has an opening video which is very enticing. Combined with its lush graphics the machine boasts an eye-catching quality. It backs up the visuals with addictive gameplay. The two-reel sets sit on an apocalyptic backdrop. Each has its own set of special symbols referencing the two films. Players can win payouts on either one or both of the grids. If combos are made on both the payout goes up. Standard suit symbols to fill the rest of the space with the apes serving as scatter symbols. Features include stacked wilds, free spin feature, multipliers, extra wilds, and the rise bonus. Landing bonus features in different grids bear different payouts. So if you activate free spins in Rise it pays 10 free spins, but landing the same feature in Dawn pays 15.

Terminator 2

T2 is one of the best sequels ever made and it turns out it also makes a great slot machine. Microgaming’s rendition allows players to see through the eyes of a T800 as it tracks down its targets Termination here means a nice payout. The grid is 5×3 and features standard suit characters intermixed with character symbols from the film. Microgaming tricks the machine out with a whopping total of 243 pay lines. The game has wilds, scatters, free spins, and an expanding row. Microgaming does not stop there. T2 has three unique features: cutscenes, expanding reels, and T-800 vision. Whenever a player triggers a Big Win or Mega Win a small movie scene will play out. The game contains different scenes. The one you see is dependent on what character symbols gave you the win. Expanding reels happen when a special trigger places an additional row on top of the grid. Paylines expand to 1024 and the T-800 wild symbol gains the ability to morph into other character symbols. Finally, there is a T-800 vision. When this is triggered the whole screen turns neon red. It is easily triggered and pays out cash prizes. It also looks cool as you gain the ability to see through the eyes of the Terminator.

The Hangover

IGT invites you to party hard and not remember a thing with their slot version of the popular comedy the Hangover. The 5×4 grid features traditional suit symbols and featured character symbols. This slot machine has tons to do. It is loaded with special features but the most unique thing is its progressive system. The Hangover has four progressives that tie to the four central characters of the film. So pursuing each character will eventually lead players to a variety of jackpots. This slotter has playback value. The Hangover spikes its base game with a tone of special feature drugs. It has wilds, scatters, and multipliers but the bonuses are what is worth talking about. Each bonus takes the player to a fun little mini-game. There are almost too many to name. So here they are in list format. -Wedding Chapel Bonus – Open wrapped boxes to find two matching items. -Stun Gun Bonus – Gain credits by holding the stun gun button. -Mr. Chow’s Freaky Free Games – Use free spins and sticky wilds to collect seven poker chips. -Deal in the Desert – Collect the seven chips and choose from a line-up of bag hooded men to find the real Doug. -Pick a Photo – Find matches amidst 18 Polaroid pictures. -Villa Bonus – Find hidden prizes in your hotel room. -Alan’s Progressive – Choose one of six satchels to get the jackpot. -Stu’s Progressive – Pick teeth to find the jackpot. -Phil’s Progressive – Choose a hospital bracelet to find the jackpot. -Doug’s Progressive – Select a casino chip to find the jackpot.


Jump into the ring with Playtech’s take on the Rocky franchise. The slotter has players don gloves to duke it out with the Italian Stallion’s many opponents. It is a five-reel slotter with 25 pay lines. It also has wilds, scatters, free spins, bonus rounds, and multipliers. The game looks fantastic with a robust soundtrack. The idea is to work up to activating the bonus game and taking on one of Rocky’s rivals. Beat Drago, Creed, Clubber Lang, or that kid from Rocky 5 no one remembers to win cash prizes. Every defeat brings a nice player a nice purse. Free spins are a given out for stacking wilds. Rocky, of course, is the wild symbol. What players want to do is land the bonus symbols on reels one and five. Then the bonus round begins and you can select your opponent.

Top 5 Casino Games inspired by Movies and TV

bmslot 800x280 - Top 5 Casino Games inspired by Movies and TV

Here at Tropfest we love the Movies. It might sound a bit old school but there is something special about picking up a large popcorn and soda and settling down for 2 hours of pure escapism at the movies. The only problem with a movie is that you can only watch it so many times but when you combine your favourite movie with the thrill of the casino, there is no end to the excitement.

We have therefore selected the top 5 online pokies that you can play at home that are inspired by some of our favourite movies. If you are looking to play any of these great pokies you can find a list of the top nz online casinos for 2019 by clicking here.

So enough with the chit chat and lets see the list of the Top 5 Casino Casino Games inspired by the big screen.

1 – Bridesmaids Pokie

This slot machine was inspired by the 2011 comedy staring Kristen Wiig. The movie itself is one of our favourite girl power comedies of all time. The 6.8 rating on IMDB does not do this hilarious movie justice but the 5 reel 40 pay-line pokie certainly does.

Microgaming managed to capture the fun filled nature of Annie, Lillian, Helen, Megan, Rita and Becca. The symbols representing the ladies jump into life when you catch a big win or active one of the fabulous 4 bonus features available.

The slot itself is available on both mobile and desktop machines allowing you to take the girls out on the town with you as you go about your own raucous adventures. The combination of high quality graphics, the representation of the actual actresses and the massive wins on offer have made Bridesmaids our number one pokies inspired by the big screen.
bmslot - Top 5 Casino Games inspired by Movies and TV

2 – Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is a cult classic. The thought of those terrifying lizards coming to life and how we would deal with them has ignited the imagination of both children and adults for over 20 years since the original movie was released in 1993. The online pokie is sure to keep those imaginative juices flowing with high quality graphics, immersive gameplay and an incredible 243 ways to win.

This pokie was also developed by those passionate developers over at the Microgaming development studio bringing those prehistoric behemoths into our world of gambling entertainment. This game also runs across 5 reels with a minimum coin size of just 1c meaning that you can take advantage of those $10 minimum deposit Kiwi casinos at
jpslot - Top 5 Casino Games inspired by Movies and TV

3 – Game of Thrones (GOT) Pokie

Game of Thrones, now that has been epic. The series has played with our emotions, killing off much loved characters and leaving us on the edge of our seats since the premier on the 17th of April 2011. The last 8 years have given us the highs of Daenerys emerging from a raging fire clutching her baby dragons to the shock of the Red Wedding.

Is it possible to make a pokies that can deliver us a similar rollercoaster of emotions? The answer is that they gave it a good try but there are some features we feel detract from what could have been the best casino game New Zealand has ever had. The symbols are based purely around the house sigils with no reference to the actual characters or famous scenes from the series.

The pokies itself offers 243 ways to win which does mean that there are lots of minor wins available on your quest for the big win. The game offers numerous free spins bonuses that are unlocked via the major houses of Westeros. The game on the whole feels like a remake of Thunderstruck II which is still one of our favourite pokies but it has already been done.

This is why we had to place Game of Thrones in the middle of the pack. We love the series but are only warm on the casino game.
gotslot - Top 5 Casino Games inspired by Movies and TV

4 – King Kong

There are a number of great online pokies based off of the classic King Kong movie. There might even be more slot machine versions that movie remakes. Our favourite version of this classic movie themed slot is the one developed by NextGen gaming.

This version of the game is based off of the first rendition of King Kong and holds true to the original vision of Merian C. Cooper who both produced and directed the 1933 block buster.

The game takes its symbols from that era of phylum production with old school camerkkslot - Top 5 Casino Games inspired by Movies and TVas, WW2 bomber planes and a highly animated and aggressive King Kong. Our favourite bonus feature is the King Kong Smash where you get to be Kong and smash planes for bonus cash.

5 – Agent Jane Blonde Slot

Agent Jane Blonde is a comedic take on the slick James Bond character from the films by the same name. The casino game is a fairly basic 9 pay-line slot machine with cartoon based symbols that do not quite catch the cinematic brilliance of the James Bond films.

James Bond has managed to capture our attention for the last 60 years with his dry martinis and expensive gadgets. It is unlikely that Agent Blonde will manage to do that.
ajbslot - Top 5 Casino Games inspired by Movies and TV

3 of the Most Unique Gambling Movies of All Time

3 of the Most Unique Gambling Movies of All Time US roulette table chips casino game 860x280 - 3 of the Most Unique Gambling Movies of All Time

The three amazing gambling movies we bring you here have one thing in common. They all have interesting and unique premises that make them stand out.

The Cincinnati Kid, 1965

The Cincinnati Kid flaunts fantastic performances. It stars the iconic Steve McQueen and follows his character, Eric Stoner, as a newcomer to the stake games who is willing to go up against Lancey Howard.

Howard is the best poker player around and he knows that the kid has made a name playing backroom games. He agrees on the challenge since he feels like it’s finally time for Eric to take on some serious competition.

However, several distractions, including a charming girl and a blackmailer, hinder the chances of the young promising gambler to win the poker game. At the exciting climax of the movie, the two players raise their stakes. One will come out victorious.

The Cooler, 2003

In this original and accomplished movie by Wayne Kramer, William H. Macy plays a very interesting character.

Macy is the cooler, a gambler whose luck has been so poor that casinos hire him to stand by the tables on high streaks. Curiously, the cooler always prevents players to hit big payouts and continuously restores the house edge.

Eventually, though, the luck changes for the cooler. And he ends up becoming the lucky charm for countless gamblers in Las Vegas. You can imagine how that affects the temper of the casino operators. Will his new luck cost him his job?

The creative premise of The Cooler makes up for an interesting dive in the world of casino superstitions. Throughout the movie, the director and the cast know how to masterfully play with the perception of luck.

The Gambler, 1974

With its straightforward title, The Gambler follows the journey of addiction of Alex Freed, a university professor, portrayed by the fascinating James Caan.

His gambling addiction leads him in a spiral of self-destruction and mental instability. His life has simply fallen apart. The depiction of how the mind of a gambling addict works is incredibly raw and heart-wrenching.

However, the gambler can’t seem to stop increasing his debt and prevent his dangerous need for the gambling thrill. The movie builds in a crescendo to a spectacularly memorable climax.

Anyone who has had gambling problems will immediately connect with the story. Those who have not encountered addiction in their lifetime will be given a powerful reminder of why they should never let that happen.

As an extra suggestion, Tropfest would like to present you an amazing gambling documentary you can watch on Netflix.

Life on the Line, 2013

Life on the Line is a fabulous documentary filmed in Las Vegas over the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.

The feature analyzes the daily activities of players who gamble professionally for a living. As the documentary moves along, their successes and failures are tracked.

You will get a spectacular inside look on how professional bettors lay out massive bankrolls and put their personal and family lives on the line, all to win big on Super Bowl Sunday.

Life on the Line is as fun and exciting as it is educational and thought-provoking.

Come back to Tropfest as more of our fantastic picks will be revealed!

2 Great Gambling Movies from the Turning of the Century

2 Great Gambling Movies from the Turning of the Century US gambling roulette game 860x280 - 2 Great Gambling Movies from the Turning of the Century

The late 90s and the early 2000s have brought us some of the best gambling movies of all time. It’s time to check out two of them.

Hard Eight, 1996

Hard Eight is a brilliantly crafted tale created and directed by the gifted Paul Thomas Anderson. It stars Philip Baker Hall, Gwyneth Paltrow and John C. Riley.

Hard Eight hit more than 220,000 dollars in the box office.

The movie follows Sydney, a man in his sixties who spends his days at casinos and has been gambling for decades. At one casino, he meets John, a broke gambler who Sydney starts seeing as a son.

Sydney begins mentoring John on all the best gambling tactics and moves. He even helps him find a girlfriend, Clementine, who curiously works at the casino.

John’s life finally seems to get back on track when something unexpected happens that can damage all characters.

Ocean’s 11, 2001

Who hasn’t heard about the Ocean’s franchise, and particularly the fabulous Ocean’s 11? The movie is directed by Steven Soderbergh and stars Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Julia Roberts, among several other Hollywood heavyweights.

The storyline pulls you in immediately. Before being released from prison, Daniel Ocean had already designed the plan for a new hit. On his target list are three massive casinos operated by Terry Benedict.

However, Ocean won’t do it all by himself. And so, he starts recruiting professional thieves from across the country, as well as other helpers with useful skills.

Reuben Tishkoff enters the story as the man who offers the money for the operation. Tishkoff lost a casino to Benedict and is naturally happy to contribute to his downfall.

Finally, Daniel Ocean gets employed at the casino where he starts observing every routine. Ocean’s 11 has it all to be a perfect gambling movie. Amazing cast, intriguing plot, extravagant scenes, lively action and even romance.

You know the drill! Catch up on these masterpieces. You won’t be disappointed.

What You Should Know About a Gambling Symposium Recently Held in the US

What You Should Know About a Gambling Symposium Recently Held in the US US Hand playing poker game on casino 860x280 - What You Should Know About a Gambling Symposium Recently Held in the US

March is the month for problem gambling awareness. Last March 1st, the state of Michigan organized its Problem Gambling Symposium. It was the 11th edition of the annual event.

Even though our blog Tropfest is from New Zealand, our team is constantly committed to learning about gambling and addiction problems worldwide. We want to do as much as we can to help.

Our website is dedicated to promoting the best gambling movies in history. Most of them are set in the United States and are deeply rooted in the incomparable American gambling culture.

It is only natural that we study gambling patterns and rehab initiatives in the United States to better do our job.

And there is one final reason why Tropfest is so interested in this gambling symposium. The focus of the event was highly related to the work we do on this blog: gambling perception versus gambling reality.

gambling US play card game poker poker chips - What You Should Know About a Gambling Symposium Recently Held in the US

Many unreasonably fantasized perceptions people have about gambling come from cinema productions. Gambling-centred movies often present the world of casinos as fun, exciting, charming, sensual and life-changing.

Even when a gambling movie realistically depicts addiction, it somehow ends on the main character turning their life around, going back on the stake tables and making a fortune.

On Tropfest, we will bring you our selection of the top 10 gambling movies of all time. Some are raw and honest, while others are pure action and entertainment. We just want to highlight that we will never advocate for unconscious gambling.

Casino US gambling slot machine casino game - What You Should Know About a Gambling Symposium Recently Held in the US

Head online and search about the latest problem gambling symposium in Michigan. The main topic was brilliantly covered and really caught the attention of our movie buffs.