Great Slot Games Based on TV Shows

The average New Zealander watches about two hours of TV daily. Therefore, Kiwis can benefit from this time by engaging in TV themed games that take the TV slot machine to a whole new level. TV-themed games operate on the basis that companies that hold TV rights license out rights to developers who create machines based on the shows. For the show lovers, these games are attractive to the extent that they include characters, plots, scenes, and props conversant to them. Instead of spending the two hours in front of a TV program, it would be advantageous to enjoy both the program and gaming in the same epoch. Our favorite TV-themed games include Game of Thrones, The Flintstones, The Simpsons, and Big bang theory.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular games in existence. The show came to an end with season eight, in which more than 17 million audiences are reported to have watched. The shows were interesting, and so it is expected for the game. The two are related in the sense that they share some of the scenes. For those taking their chances on a grand finale other than that of season eight, then such persons can quench their gratification with playing the game of thrones. The game is usually referred to as Game of Thrones 243 Ways. Microgaming developed it. Incorporating the TV show into the machine was one of the best things Microgaming ever endeavored. It involves emulation of the details of the environment, including the logo, house, and colors. It also constitutes house sigils, which gives one option of spins and multipliers. Some of the available options include Baratheon, Lannister, Stark, and Targaryen. One of the prevailing advantages is that you can trigger additional bonus games upon receiving three scatter symbols in a spin. The houses are significant when it comes to winning as one can win up to $121 000. The game also provides one with a gamble feature where you can select either the head or tail, enabling one to double their win. It is worth noting that losing the head or tail attempt would make you lose all the cumulative winnings to that point; either way, win or lose makes the thrones’ game impressive.


Some Flintstones exist on online platforms and offline modes. Playtech offers a machine that can be used for online gamers which has the offer of being played for free on the Playtech. The game is imbued with numerous features that make the online game enjoyable even though it does not offer a platform for winning money. Some of the exciting features include Bedrock Bowling Bonus, Free Games, and Rocky Ride. When using the bowling balls, one is supposed to pick on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th reels, then a shot on the spin is taken. Concerning the free games, one is supposed to select on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th on the game. One should also choose the bonus mode among Dino Multiplier, The Great Gazoo, and Wilma Wild. In regards to the Flintstones Rocky Ride, it is a fortune wheel that is triggered randomly. It constitutes of two wheels spinning at the top of the reels. One takes the place of a mystery symbol while the other is a multiplier. A player can combine the symbols one gets during a spin and attain a significant win. The ideal situation is that the machine is interesting.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons game resonates with anyone who has watched the TV show ‘The Simpsons’. The Simpsons game is rarely found in online platforms, and it is mostly found in Las Vegas. One of the most interesting parts about the game is that it allows two people to bet against each other instead of utilizing two separate machines. It provides a couple with an opportunity to enjoy moments together instead of being contrived to split for hours. The game is also imbued with bonus rounds and captivating features, which make the game even more interesting. Some of the features that one can trigger when playing the Simpsons game include scatter, Monorail Madness, Pranks a Lot, and Wiggum-a-Roll. All that one needs to do in a scatter mode is to select any character in one of the four corners and trigger a re-spin. The game operates on the aspect of the more characters of choice one gets, the more the money they amass. The feature stops once the character symbol is over.

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory was a famous TV show that has previously created various programs. The Big Bang slot machines take assumes the show’s characters, which makes the device more fun to play for those who have already watched the TV show. The game includes jokes behind the symbols, a video game controller, and a book. It also comprises bonus rounds, consisting of the Cooper Roommate Agreement, the Large Hofstadter Collision, and Howard’s Mystic Warlords of Ka’a. One playing the Cooper Roommate Agreement, one gets eight free spins, which each spin represents 42 isolated chances of winning in the game. The Howard’s Mystic Warlords of Ka’a is a bonus game where one picks a hero card and decides their multiplier. The Large Hofstadter Collision is free to play the game with significant multipliers. A combination of spins and multipliers derived from the mode can enable one to win the game.

The above games are derived from top-rated TV shows. The fact that they were derived from a TV show makes fans resonate with them as familiarity with characters attracts the game even more. Although some of the games are available online while others are not, it is worth noting some allow one to play them for fun. The aspect of playing for fun plus their linkage with the TV shows make them attractive to persons who have previously watched the tv shows mentioned above. Chances are high that those that have watched a TV show such as a game of thrones are likely to be enticed of its game machine, similarly to other machines. The idea of deriving gaming machines from TV shows extends watchers’ experience by providing them with a familiarity of characters and scenes. It is also worth noting that one can benefit from playing machines that offer financial winnings. Concerning the others that do not provide any financial help, the games are equally important in the sense that they satisfy one by quenching their gratification of exploring games based on characters they are familiar with. The aspect of imitating TV shows in gaming machines is essential and should be more frequent because it enables TV show fans to follow up with their most favorite characters after the shows are over. According to TV shows, coding games also ensure that characters live on in their fans’ memories long after the show is over and allows such fans to earn money out of a display of their choice.