Great Gambling Movies Based on Real Events

Who doesn’t like gambling movies that are based on real events, not fiction! I know I do and can’t wait to share some of my favourites with you! You can’t talk about gambling movies without the first on the list as it’s based on all real events and is probably the first movie you think about. The other 2 are more than likely movies you’ve heard of or seen with equally as interesting stories about the gambling industry and based off real events. The final is a less popular movie you may not have seen but tells the story of one of the best gamblers you haven’t heard of.


This is probably the biggest classic gambling movie that’s based on real events. I know it seems crazy to think that these things happened. If you haven’t seen it we will get into a summary of what happened in it now! This movie is based off when the mafia moved to Vegas to take over. If you know anything about the mafia they do as they say and do what they want so in no time they had control over most of Las Vegas. The movie is based on a man named Frank Rosenthal(Robert Deniro) who was placed there by the Chicago mob to run their casinos. The other character the movie is based on is Tony Spilatro(Joe Pesci) and this is the character that epitomized that mob persona. Both of them together is a match made in heaven and maybe the best gambling movie based on real events ever produced. If you haven’t seen this movie yet you better watch it yesterday as it’s sure to keep you glued to the TV the whole time!

Mollys Game

This is the newest movie that I have on the list and was such a great gambling movie that was based on real events. Completely different plot than the previous one but just as intriguing and interesting. This is based on the story of Molly Bloom who was a world-class skier from Colorado. As life does for all of us she was dealt a curve-ball when she was injured ruining her dreams of being an Olympic skier. After moving to California as she grew older she was introduced to the world of high stakes poker. We don’t mean business people with a lot of money to lose we mean a-list celebrities with a lot of money to lose! Molly was a very smart woman and saw a ton of opportunity in the world of high stakes poker. She wound up controlling high stakes poker games on both the west and east coasts which brought the ever-present risk higher and higher each time. Unfortunately for Molly she got a little greedy and made a fateful decision that brought her house of cards toppling down much quicker than she built it! This is again such a great gambling movie that is based on real events you must see right away. 21 Another great movie that you can’t believe is based on real-life events and people. This movie looks at it from a different end the players taking money from the casino, not the other way around. This movie is about a professor and team of students all from MIT. With the guidance of the professor, they have developed a system in which they can count cards at the blackjack table without drawing attention and being caught by the eye in the sky. The movie goes quickly from the team living the high life in Las Vegas to playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with hotel security. As things usually go in Vegas the house ultimately always wins and it’s no different in this story. You get to watch them go from high rollers to losing it all once the scam gets found out. Do yourself a favour and watch this great gambling movie based on real events today!

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story

Now here is the movie you probably never heard of but should have! This is based off arguably the greatest poker player of all time. Unfortunately, he was taken to early in his life so was never able to prove that he was the greatest of all time. But while he was here he dominated the poker scene when he played. He wasn’t just known as a great hold’em player he was touted as a great card player as he grew up playing gin rummy. As he got older he supported himself playing gin rummy not poker and had to move around the country as the gin rummy action dried up once they knew how to dominate he was. He then finally found himself in Las Vegas and was introduced to competitive poker. He was such a natural talent at poker that he won the second tournament he ever entered! That tournament was the main event of the world series of poker which is the super bowl of poker tournaments. He won that same tournament the next year and is only one of four people to ever do that. Unfortunately, his drug addiction spiralled out of control and destroyed his life before ultimately taking his life at the age of 46. There are so many other examples of what made him the best you must see this move as this is the great gambling movie based on real events you never heard of. Hopefully, you’re able to enjoy these great gambling movies based on real events otherwise please share them with others who haven’t seen them!